Wednesday, September 30, 2009

No Apology Required

As a new church pastor, I get to have lots of fun doing Bible study with people who haven't done it all their lives. We're doing a study of Paul's letter to the Romans this fall, and several participants are new to the process. I'm always amused when people feel the need to apologize when they begin a new thing like that. I've tried to assure them that an apology is not at all required. Most of my experience with Bible study in established congregations has amounted to people swapping the same understandings they've always had and expect everyone else to have too. While we are fortunate to have some folks in our new congregation here with solid and mature understandings of Scripture, we are also fortunate to have folks without those gifts who want to know more about what the Bible says and how it says it. Our study is enriched by both groups. It's fun to see people who had decided they couldn't understand Scripture make meaningful contributions that help all of us understand more about what God has to say to us and how Scripture helps say it. It's especially fun when people new to the process have no reservations about asking questions or for clarification. We may not always (or ever) agree as a group, but we surely do learn from one another!


pink is the new black said...

BOB!! Or dad as I should call you!! It's Angie (Harlow) Lindbloom! Oh how I've missed you! Now I can "talk" to you via blog! I have read several of yours and wow...I had church, for real, honestly, had know, its so funny you say "people just saying over and over what they've always said" in a Bible Study...I was running the other morning and had church to U2's new was pure, real and it! Love you too friend...hope you are welll!!!!!!!!

pink is the new black said...

Bob! I mean, dad! how are you??? I found your blog through Chris Joiner's blog! Sooo good to see you again! Glad to be back in touch...miss you more than you know...loved the post...I find that many times, people just say the same ole thing they've always said...why is that? I think I've had more church lately listening to the new U2 CD while running than anything lately...hope you are well:) It's Angie (Harlow)Lindbloom by the way:)