Monday, October 12, 2009

One of My Favorite Things to Do

Yesterday was a day of celebration for us at Providence. We celebrated the baptism of Madeline Flick, daughter of Brian and Ashley and granddaughter of Ron and Lisa Flick and Mike and Renee' Williams. Here's a picture when she was still happy:

And another one when she wasn't quite so sure about what was going on:
We live near the Atlantic Ocean, so we decided to involve the whole congregation in the celebration of this Sacrament. I went to the beach and rounded up shells and filled a bowl with water. During a hymn before the baptism, I invited everyone to come, take a shell, and transfer water into the font. That way everybody had a hand in preparing the font for the celebration. It looked like this:
Oh, yeah! The choir sang a special song about new life, too:

God is good!


Anonymous said...

what a great idea

Christopher Joiner said...

Just saw these pics, Bob. Looks like a great day, and I loved the filling of the font.

pink is the new black said...

OH man, just got your post on my blog...yes, YOU will always be my DAD for sure!!! As long as that role is ok with you, then I'm a happy girl!!! MY love to you Dad!!!